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Le deuxiéme


I guess I underestimated Demos Sailor Scout…. orz….
Anyway, while I try to figure this out, stay with Sailor Chiyo :)
(I’m sorry to keep flooding you with fan arts!!! I think i got carried away! It is too much fun!! :ppp) Obs:these are fan arts. Demos and Chiyo belong to Jisuk Cho. And the concept of Sailor Scouts belong to Naoko Takeuchi. :))))

Oof… :)♡

Waaaahhhh!!! Look what the mail man brought todayyyy!!!! Hihihihihi
Thank you, thank you, @jisukcho !! You’re so sweet!! ;)))
#fishbones #postcards #extremefangirling #squeal

I was flipping through my sketch book and realized that most of my work lately consists of sailor scouts costume drawings and Fishbones doodles… sooo in a sleep deprived state i thought it would be an awesome idea to do a genderbent Demos Sailor Scout!
I wanted to apologize, but i can’t! ㅠㅡㅠ

A bit of fan arting….
Augh…. Ferris is so hard to capture! He always seems to end up so much dorkier and awkward when I finish drawing…
I might try it again later T^T

(a small disclaimer: like i said in the beginning of this post, this is a FAN art, so, none of these characters belong to me, they are all from Jisuk Cho’s awesome novel Fishbones. If you don’t know it, go have a look it’s great!)

I was afraid of missing the date (because of the time difference =_=) so here are my early wishes!
Hope you have an AMAZING one!
And thank you very much for your awesome books!
(I can’t wait to catch up on Fishbones 2 and for the continuation of Karasu!! Fighting!!)
I’ll stop it here, since I, obviously, lost control over the exclamation points…

Oh and uhm… I also wrote a fanfic on Fishbones… hehehe…
You can read it here

 really hope you like it!!


1) I think Ferris was less awkward looking in my head„, and also cuter… sorry….

2)I might repost these birthday cards later… i think the colors are a little messed up >~<

Sooo…. haven’t really been here in a while buuut… i finished fishbones a while ago and i REALLY liked it hahaha :p
Anyway i started doodling and it kind of became Demos’ face so i kept going… and it turned into a birthday card to Jisuk!
Well… it’s not quite done yet but when it is I’ll post it here (if she’s ok with it)…

(Oh god… I’m such a dork >~

And this is the version they told me to get on a shirt hahahaha

[also, my sister said the candy eyepatch thing is disgusting HAHAHA]

This is the version I like best!

My sister said this is scary… booooo hahaha…